-Gerard Oberholzer-

Hi guys,

I was looking for European Union (EU) news and I have found a recent article regarding business logistics that I would really like to share it with you all.

According to European Commission, it has been agreed a new investment of 1900 million € with the goal of financing distribution projects and so that fulfill the program called connect Europe (CEF).

Actually, 1100 million € will be invested on projects of member states that can receive funding from Cohesion Fund of the EU in order to improve the countries integration in the internal market.

CEF tries to achieve a decrease in the European investment gap and, thus, boost the employment growth rate and job creation, that it is a priority for the president Jean-Claude Juncker.

In fact, transportation is a key sector of production that contributes about 4.8% of the added gross value for the 28 set, equivalent to 548000 million € and it generates over 11 million jobs in Europe.

Moreover, for additional information, European Union and Canada just signed the agreement of bilateral free commerce (CETA) in a summit in Brussels (Belgium).

In conclusion, this news are optimistic to make Europe more connected within its borders and promote a key factor as transport in order to create more value and be more efficient to maximize our needs satisfaction level.