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16 noviembre, 2016

European Union’s investment of 1900 million € for funding transportation projects

-Gerard Oberholzer-

Hi guys,

I was looking for European Union (EU) news and I have found a recent article regarding business logistics that I would really like to share it with you all.

According to European Commission, it has been agreed a new investment of 1900 million € with the goal of financing distribution projects and so that fulfill the program called connect Europe (CEF). Seguir leyendo “European Union’s investment of 1900 million € for funding transportation projects”


Asos: Getting its international logistics stronger

-Carme Pol-

Asos is a Britain fashion company born in 2000 that is one of the most important ecommerce in the UK and in the world. They not only distribute with their own brand (more than 60.000 products), but also with other important brands such as, Calvin Klein, Adidas or River Island (more than 850 brands). Seguir leyendo “Asos: Getting its international logistics stronger”

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