-Alan Kazidis-

Hello everyone!

I would like to share with you a really nice Ted-Talk that I have come across about technology in business logistics. To be more precise robotics and automation in warehouses and how does it affect the employees and the business and of course the customers.

The speaker is Mick Mountz, the CEO of KIVA systems which makes “order fulfilment systems” using robots and warehouse automation. An order fulfilment system is a narrower scope of distribution which is how the firms respond to the orders placed by customers.

The video is a 5 years old and this technology has already been introduced in many businesses such as Amazon which now owns KIVA. However, considering the amount of investment it requires I assume only large firms can afford it just now due to higher capital, the eagerness to innovate and to establish themselves as the benchmark in what they specialise.

The conclusions of the video are a more efficient way of managing the warehouse in terms of speed, increase employee satisfaction by reducing the kilometres they have to do per day, disintegrate the dependence the employees have on one another, reduce labour cost and increase customer satisfaction.

I will not elaborate any further but let Mick Mountz do the talking in the link below and demonstrate you this breakthrough discovery. Hope you enjoy the video.