-Sonali Sumaria-

After Uber has successfully mastered moving people and food around cities. It is not starting Uber Freight. Recently Uber bought Otto – a self-driving trucking company. It has since been trying to build a marketplace for using Uber for trucking. They are also planning to reinvent transportation using self-driving trucks. The company has already soft-launched its new trucking business – Uber Freight.

Uber Freight will concentrate on connecting a shipper with a truck. Uber has identified a large gap in the market, since for shipping goods a company today would go through a brokerage firm, which makes calls to trucking companies and arranges deals for their customer. The broker takes a commission of 15-20%. Uber Freight will eliminate that middleman and offer shipper’s real-timing price of what it will cost to move their goods.

This will be great for all industries, and will improve logistics of companies greatly. Companies will now be more efficient and reliable. The price is likely to be more cost-effective, as the broker is being eliminated.