-Alba Suances-

The speed with which information is exchanged, the advances made in computer mobility and the new communication schemes have radically changed the commercial and logistic processes.

In this new situation, companies that don’t adapt quickly to the speed with which information is exchanged will have greater difficulties in differentiating themselves and in getting that their clients perceive the added value of the services they offer.

Amazon, for instance, is continuously improving its services and because of that, they have achieved a high degree of differentiation.

The last novelty of the company, which arrived few days ago to Spain, is the Dash Button which is a service for premium clients that will allow them to buy products for daily use by pressing a button. The idea is that we can turn to the button when we see that we are running out of everyday products like toilet paper, detergent, trash bags or makeup, for instance. Once pressed the button, we will receive our order within 24 hours.

And how does this service work?

It’s very simple. The button is a Wi-Fi device that connects to our home network and which is associated with a specific brand. The first time we use it we will have to configure it through the Amazon app on our smartphone and select which of the products of that brand we want to buy when we click the button.

Once the button is configured we only must press the button and Amazon takes care of the rest. We will receive a notification by mail confirming the purchase with the data of the order. And, in the case we regret about a purchase we can always revise, modify and cancel the order

Specifically, Dash Button will be available in Spain for brands such as Air Wick, Ariel, Fairy, Gilette, Kleenex, among others.

As a supplementary service, they have also launched Amazon Dash Replenishment, which is a cloud-based service that allows you to configure appliances for ordering products such as laundry detergent or printer ink. For example, a washing machine that’s connected to the customer’s home Wi-Fi can measure when the laundry detergent is almost out of stock and then order some more automatically.