-Daniel Del Retiro-

Hi guys, I will share with you some news about a brand new system of ordering that Amazon has implemented in our country.

Once again, the American company “Amazon” have revolutionized the market through launching the “Amazon Dash Button”, a system where you only have to press a button to order instantly. This way of ordering has been possible thanks to the agreement that Amazon has made with twenty brands of beauty, grooming and feeding such as Scottex, Dodot or L’Oreal.

The main purpose of this system is to make disappear the shopping experience in superstores and to start with a new way of home shopping.

As we can appreciate is a fantastic shopping tool but…how it works?

Button dash is a small button that can be stuck on any surface. Then, just only have to press it and Amazon instantly would send you a notification to your mobile phone to give final green light to the request. Since last week, the button distribution is available in our country through Amazon website with a cost of 4.99€.

Although it seems to be a perfect tool of ordering, it has their disadvantages.

Amazon have realized that they have to implement certain control mechanisms in order to avoid mass consumption and a possible rupture of stocks. One of them is the quantity limit: only may enter a new request when the first order was delivered at home. Thus, it reduces the possibility of breaking the stock.

To sum up, only saying that this system has been implemented thanks to the success in other countries such as United States where orders have increased a 500% through using this buttons.