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15 noviembre, 2016

Amazon Dash Button is now available in Spain!

-Daniel Del Retiro-

Hi guys, I will share with you some news about a brand new system of ordering that Amazon has implemented in our country.

Once again, the American company “Amazon” have revolutionized the market through launching the “Amazon Dash Button”, a system where you only have to press a button to order instantly. This way of ordering has been possible thanks to the agreement that Amazon has made with twenty brands of beauty, grooming and feeding such as Scottex, Dodot or L’Oreal. Seguir leyendo “Amazon Dash Button is now available in Spain!”


One day inside Spain Amazon’s warehouse

 -Dúnia Garcia-

Hi everyone!

Yesterday I found an interesting video about logistics in amazon. It is about the first fullfilment center in Spain and it has 28.000 m2. Seguir leyendo “One day inside Spain Amazon’s warehouse”

What happens inside those massive warehouses?

-Alan Kazidis-

Hello everyone!

I would like to share with you a really nice Ted-Talk that I have come across about technology in business logistics. To be more precise robotics and automation in warehouses and how does it affect the employees and the business and of course the customers. Seguir leyendo “What happens inside those massive warehouses?”

-Catherine Fitzgerald-

Proposed exercise: 

A truck has to travel to different stores in different cities and towns in the United States in New York and New Jersey. The distance in miles between each pair of stores is indicated below. Determine a good route for this truck that leaves from New York and returns to (más…)

Technology in Logistics

-Alba Suances-

The speed with which information is exchanged, the advances made in computer mobility and the new communication schemes have radically changed the commercial and logistic processes. Seguir leyendo “Technology in Logistics”

-Anna Lloan Rendé-

Proposed exercise:

A van has to travel across different malls and boutiques in different cities to collect various products. The distance between each pair of stores is indicated below. (más…)

Uber has quietly launched its own ‘Uber for trucking’ marketplace called Uber freight

-Sonali Sumaria-

After Uber has successfully mastered moving people and food around cities. It is not starting Uber Freight. Recently Uber bought Otto – a self-driving trucking company. It has since been trying to build a marketplace for using Uber for trucking. They are Seguir leyendo “Uber has quietly launched its own ‘Uber for trucking’ marketplace called Uber freight”

-Blog Coordinators-

As we did last week with seminar 3, we proceed to upload the solutions for seminar 4. Those interested in discussing alternative solutions or asking questions just comment on the post and we will be more than happy to answer you. Hope it is useful! (más…)

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