-Andrea Martinez de la Fuente-

Hi everyone!

One week ago I read an article that catch my attention about the successful company Amazon. The company has gone a step further and has launched a new service for customers called Amazon Pantry. This service was already established in very few parts of the world (United States, Japan, Germany and United Kingdom) and now has arrived to Spain.

With this new program, Amazon Premium customers can purchase different items that could be stored in the pantry, ie non-perishable ones like mineral water, milk, breakfast cereals, snacks, all types of beverages, personal care products, cleaning supplies, pet food…

The delivering method is the following: consumers have to buy a box, with capacity for 20 kilos (or 110 liters) which is the equivalent of a supermarket cart. It costs them 3.99 euros, which includes shipping cost. Then they have to choose the different products that they want to buy and add them to the box. The shipping cost is only the 3.99€ that costs the box regardless of the number of items that have been purchased.

In order to carry out this service, the company it’s going to resort to its logistics center in Barcelona, which was already in operation for some time. The company had kept it as a  secret but has now come to light.

In my opinion, with this new service Amazon will increase its competition with supermarkets and generate higher revenues as it will have a good welcome among Spanish consumers, who are increasingly in favor of shopping online.