-Paola Sancho-

The branded Dash buttons are Amazon’s latest offering to make it easier to shop doing automatic orders.

Yesterday, Tuesday the 8th of November, they launched this buttons in Spain. This buttons allow you to order a product just pushing them. The service is available to its Premium customers and it includes products ranging as detergent, shaving cream, razors, toothpaste, toilet paper or teas. Currently there is a range of 20 brands available to be bought with the button.

How does it work? The client buys the button, it costs 4,99€. This amount is returned to the customer after the first press. Each button is associated with a particular brand and product. To program the button, the customer has to tell it the password of his Wi-Fi network, select the product and quantity that he may want and hit save. When you see that a product of that brand is running out, press the button and the device automatically connects to Amazon and orders for the product that has previously been configured and assigned to that button.

Once Dash Button is pressed, this indicator will turn green when an order is successfully placed or red if the order was unsuccessful. All order statuses can be checked through the Amazon App.

After pressing the button, the customer receives a mobile notification confirming the purchase, the delivery time and the price of the product, giving the option to cancel it.

Users can stick or hang the button next to the washing machine, the bathroom sink, in the coffee rack… The director of Amazon Dash says “we want to put the purchase where the customer needs it”·

What is next? Seeing the incredible evolution of technology, some experts have said that Amazon is working to make household appliance brands include the button on their equipment, allowing the washing machine to automatically order detergent when it is running low.