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12 noviembre, 2016

Amazon Dash Button: just press the button to get your essentials

-Paola Sancho-

The branded Dash buttons are Amazon’s latest offering to make it easier to shop doing automatic orders.

Yesterday, Tuesday the 8th of November, they launched this buttons in Spain. This buttons allow you to order a product just pushing them. The service is available to its Premium customers and it includes products ranging as detergent, shaving cream, razors, toothpaste, toilet paper or teas. Currently there is a range of 20 brands available to be bought with the button. Seguir leyendo “Amazon Dash Button: just press the button to get your essentials”


Amazon unveils its secret warehouse to compete on the “Supermarket field”

-Andrea Martinez de la Fuente-

Hi everyone!

One week ago I read an article that catch my attention about the successful company Amazon. The company has gone a step further and has launched a new service for customers called Amazon Pantry. This service was already established in very few parts of the world (United States, Japan, Germany and United Kingdom) and now has arrived to Spain. Seguir leyendo “Amazon unveils its secret warehouse to compete on the “Supermarket field””

DB Schenker and Fraunhofer Institute are developing new logistics solutions.

-Lucie Simunkova-

DB Schenker opened in the beginning of the last year their own laboratory in Fraunhofer Institute in Dortmund, Germany. Their project is focused on evolving digital business model and optimisation of the process of running the warehouse with a new software.

For example they are using 3D printers in the supply chain management. Seguir leyendo “DB Schenker and Fraunhofer Institute are developing new logistics solutions.”

Human Logistics

-Carme Pol-

Technological tools that make possible new ways of travel have been created because of the high contamination and the increasingly use of private vehicle.

Private vehicle is the main transport that people use to move themselves in big cities. Therefore traffic jams are considered to be a huge problem in our lives. This state of affairs will be present in our society until mobility inside cities change. Seguir leyendo “Human Logistics”

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