-Dubencu Natalia-

Hello everyone!

I would like to share with you the latest news in the transportation sector. On 20th of October, for the first time a self-driving truck traveled 193 km from Fort Collins to Colorado Springs transporting 51 744 cans of Budweiser in full autonomous mode.

Otto, an American startup self-driving technology company established in 2016 was acquired by Uber. Together with world’s biggest corporations —Apple, Google, Daimler-Benz they have invented a moving technology that is pushing driverless vehicles.

Otto’s system controls the acceleration, braking, and steering of the truck by using cameras, radar, and LIDAR sensors able to ‘see’ the road, without any human intervention.

Switching all the trucks to autonomous driving technology would boost trucks’ fuel efficiency by 20-35%. Moreover, it can increase highway safety and reduce human error. The deliveries will be much faster due to no driving limits. From now, drivers will have the opportunity to rest during long stretches of highway and perform their job in a more sustainable manner.

For the company this shipment marks the next step towards its vision for a safe and productive future across U.S. highways and for the world, it marks a next wave of innovation in logistics sector.