-Dúnia Garcia-

Do you know that amazon has a “secret” warehouse in order to compete against supermarkets? The company said that for its new service called Pantry they have a 28000m warehouse in Barcelona.

Today they are starting to serve Pantry, what is it about? They have already sold food and fresh ones in Barcelona and Madrid, but now they have incorporate it around all the country. It is served on a different model as you have a 20 kg box where the customers can put whatever they want.
Panty is not only serving on big cities, but also on more than 7500 cities and villages in Spain.

Everything remains on 2015 when the company started to sell beauty and household items. After that, it was expanded in Madrid where amazon starts an alliance with Dia supermarkets for selling its products. Moreover, with its express service it is able to serve fresh products in Barcelona and Madrid.  Now, Amazon is starting the new service that it only exists in a few countries: EEUU, Japan, Germany or United Kingdom. The objective of Panty is to provide all the house products you need; all is about nonperishable items.