-Silvia Casals-

Hi everyone,


Last week I was wandering along Diagonal Avenue when I saw for the first time the new Digital Store of Media Markt. I decided to enter in and my surprise was that there were no physical products, less workers than in the typical Media Markt shop and it was at least 20 times smaller than all the Media Markt shops I had been before. Later, I realised that customers could order their purchases through virtual catalogues with the constant assessment of experts thanks to giant screens. I was wondering myself when the clients would receive their purchase, and then, I saw the robot. There is a robot that automatically transports all the products ordered from the warehouse, which is behind the Digital Store, to the store and delivers them to customers. 

I thought that this new approach of store is really interesting to being examined from the perspective of logistics:

-They have reduced a lot of transportation and inventory costs and have improved customer services.

-Moreover, the fact of not having physical products inside the store, allows them to have a smaller shop and a bigger warehouse with higher capacity to store products. Consequently, the logistical role has changed from the habitual Media Markt: in the Media Market Digital store there are many more stored products than exposed. And all of this, in the centre of Barcelona. Probably, they might have chosen this location because it resulted to be the optimal point of locating a warehouse/store in Barcelona through the weighted factor method, giving a higher weight to the proximity to customers.

Before I went out of the Digital Store, I took some pics to share with you and today I have done a research about this new concept of store. One of most interesting fact I found is that the robot is working 24 hours a day. This fact permits the Digital Store to have 24 hours service to collect online shopping. Therefore, any product which has been ordered at home before 8 pm and is available in the warehouse, can be pick up during the next 24 hours.

Another curious fact is that in the Digital Store, unlike their usual shops, the assortment protruding is not the broad and deep one, instead, it is the trendy and fashion one.