-MªAntònia Ferrer Perelló-

Hurricane Matthew has hit the Caribbean countries for about a month since late september, being one of the most destructive and deadly cyclones in the last decade.

One of the major countries punished by this storm has ben Haiti, a state that has suffered many catastrophes in the last 25 years. Internation communities and organizations have been supporting all those families and individuals affected by the herricane facing severe destruction, which made the helping much more difficult (by cutting roads and heavy winds that made it impossible for airplanes and helicopters to send everything that was needed to the sufferers.


Logistics Cluster is an online tool that provides logistic organization giving updated information about the state of roads or important information that help to overcome humanitarian crisis such as the one I mentioned before. In the webpage, we can fins an updated map that marks in 3 colors (green, yellow and red) the state of important locations or roads, giving proper information abut their state, such as “main bridge destroyed” or “road is passable for trucks”. By this cooperative online infrastructure, help suppliers fins it easier to do their job, and even local autorities or citizens might help repair the red and yellow points in order to overcome the crisis easily. Here you can see a map of Haiti and its actual state.
Thanks to this kind of online tools humanitarian help is much more easier to be provided in an efficient way.

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