-Sandra Maresma-

Hello everybody!

This past 17th of October was published an interesting article about a new logistic center in Marl, Germany.

Grupo Goodman (integrated property, development and logistics management) announced the development of a new logistic center of 235.000 square meters for Metro Group. This has settled a contract of 10 years and Goodman is investing nearly 200 millions in this project.

Metro Group is one of the wholesale companies and retail world leaders. This firm has its headquarters in Düesseldorf and this new facility in Marl is part of their process to consolidate and modernize its logistic chain in this new strategy for German’s market.

The new logistic center would have two independent buildings which are going to provide service in convenience stores and in German wholesale markets inside of Metro Cash & Carry.

Goods would be distributed from Marl to the western region of the country and in some cases in national scale. The logistic services would be provided by their own area of logistics: Metro Logistics and this will facilitate an efficient management of all the scope of products about home & alimentation.

“Goodman provided us an optimal solution to complete our new logistic network of Metro Cash & Carry” – Jeroen Janssen Lok, responsible of logistic strategy of Metro Group in German.

This new center will respond their strategic requirements and give a more modern and competitive logistics by:

  1. Centralizing the flow of goods
  2. Better and modern facilities
  3. Improvement of the availability of the product and its quality

“Collaborating with Marl’s city and trough an exhaustive process we are developing this excellent logistic space where it is going to be our new logistic center” said Christian Mielke, the responsible in charge to choose the new logistic location for Metro Group.  

This new logistic center would take 235.000 square meters divided between two buildings: one of 83.000 and the other of 152.000 square meters. The space would take 225.000 square meters of storage and the 10.000 additional ones would be designated to offices and social zones.