-Dúnia Garcia-

Hello everyone!

Yesterday I watched an advertisement on TV about just eat and I wondered what is it about. Have you ever tried to use Just Eat?

For the ones who haven’t, it is a home delivery platform that works with more than 5000 restaurants in Spain.

Recently, the company has reached an agreement with Seur in order to led the restaurants, that doesn’t have their own delivery system, to be distributed by Just Eat. Seur has informed that the deal is operative on other cities like in Madrid that there are more than 60 restaurants.  The customers using Seur delivers would have their food on less than 40 minutes since the restaurant receives the order and only pass 12 minutes while the deliverers pick it up.  All requires to have updated accurate data to be successful.

Seur would use a full range of electric motorbikes for the service to encourage sustainability and to preserve the quality of the city. Moreover, all the deliverers of the company that works with Just Eat have the food handling license, that’s a key point for differentiating from competitors.