-Alba Suances-

Hello everyone!

After having a talk about “Big Data” last week, I looked into the topic and I have found some examples of firms that are already using this new concept to improve their activity.

The first example is Correos. This courier firm has been a leader in its sector for many years but now, tendencies has changed due, in part, to the appearance of the “E-commerce”. This is why, one of the challenges firms are facing in this time is changing the way they work and adapt it to the logical evolution of the market. And this is, exactly, the case of Correos. At first, they were a bit reluctant to this online market because postal activity was having a good time. But later, when the financial crisis had begun, postal activity started to decrease and looking for an alternative was the only solution. Correos, with the objective to maintain its great position in the sector, has got stuck into the E-commerce developing a service called CorreosPaq. This new service allows users the collection of packages – coming from online shopping – in several of the physical terminals the company has distributed in Madrid and Barcelona.

And how does Correos decide in which buildings they should install HomePaq? This is where Big Data comes into its own. Thanks to the information recruited by the firm during decades, they know perfectly which areas and buildings tend to have a higher activity of sending and receiving packages.


Another interesting example is Carrefour. The supermarket chain is using “Big Data” as a strategy to increase the frequency of visits to their centers and increase also the volume of the shopping cart. They analyze purchasing data of their customers and offer discounts that expire on specific days.

The last example is American Express, which is analyzing operations that make its VIP customers with their card to offer related lifestyle products. For instance, if a person tends to spend a lot of money in gastronomy, the firm invites them to book in specific restaurants.