-Raimon Martí Mestres-

Barcelona is located in located in north-eastern Spain, front of the Mediterranean, is one of the major cities in Europe and has more than 4.8 million people.

Is an emerging area of economic activity and has almost 1 million of business. It has been diversifying its economic structure, traditional sectors harmonized with new emerging ones, that brings competitiveness, specialization and a dynamic and innovative economy. Thanks to that, one of the key factors of Barcelona has been logistics. It has a geo-strategic location with a large network of infrastructure and this became Barcelona a center in Southern Europe and the Mediterranean. Moreover, nowadays they have increased the amount of resources applied in education related in logistics what brings a new future with great professionals working in developing the sector.

As we said before, the geostrategic location of Catalonia and Barcelona give them advantage over the others, as the transit route between Iberian Peninsula, North Africa and Europe is one of the most productive ones and has a continental reach in the minds of logistics. Differentiated in two corridors, one goes from la Junquera and Portbou and the other goes from Barcelona to anyplace throw the Mediterranean Sea.

Another key point is the proximity to major consumer market, as Catalonia has one of the largest specific weightings in Europe. The Metropolitan Region of Barcelona, which means an area of 25 km around Barcelona, has the 60% of the population of Catalonia and it is the most dynamic metropolitan areas in Europe.

Spanish economy engine depends on the Catalonian economy as it has the highest levels of industrial and business activity. That evidences the existence of an important production base that also give and advantage.

Barcelona has making up the most competitive intermodal logistic system in Europe, as there is the existence of a network of infrastructures that is continuously growing which is promoting the interconnection between different modes of transport.

Finally, there is a network of logistics platforms that are connected to the country’s major infrastructure and it is made to assist both the local market and the southern European area.