-Mario Framis-

It is highly probable this holiday season’s customer spending is going to increase considerably given the growth of the economy in Europe and USA. This translates into a big challenge for the logistics sector which has to understand and adapt to the shopper’s desires in a solvent way.

These desires involve home delivered goods, lower shipping fees, quicker deliveries, simplified transactions and a safer and higher control.

Satisfying the shopper’s necessities and increasing logistics efficiency is much easier if the new technologies are embraced to the supply chain, making it possible for customers to receive same-day deliveries or other new options such as picking up the goods in specified locations. These technologies that optimize the processes and methods include real-time data analysis, route planning tools, and apps.

E-commerce shows no sign of slowing, instead it keeps growing strongly. The necessity of a flexible supply chain able to satisfy customer’s demands at any time give more pressure to the order fulfillment. Logistic companies have to trace a plan carefully with historical data and real-time data to ensure their service expectations are satisfied. Also, we need to take into account the continuous communication with the shoppers so deliveries don’t fail and the efficiency in return processes so when something is returned, it is back in the system ready to be sold again.

Companies like Deliberry and Curbside offer new ways of shopping through apps with a great experience, bringing you home groceries or any other product of any supermarket in your area and delivering nearby shop products in front of the shop so you don’t have to stop with your car or wait in line.

Expectedly, the new embraced technologies will help develop and grow logistics companies, especially on holiday season. Such is this that in Barcelona, Amazon for example just 3 months before Christmas, opened a new urban logistics center to fulfill customer’s needs with a huge fleet of environmentally friendly vehicles. Amazon has a big challenge ahead in Barcelona, demonstrating the effectivity of their logistics system on holidays while lowering their huge last mile costs.

In conclusion, logistics centers have to take advantage of the new technologies to satisfy customer’s expectation these holidays where sales increase exponentially. The companies who don’t use the right tools to schedule and organize the huge volume sale, will be left back in the market.

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