-Daniel Del Retiro-

Hi guys, I would share with you some news about a brand new way of distribution implemented by Amazon in Spain two months ago.

As we all know, Amazon has become one of the most important online retailers around the world. But, not satisfied with that, the American company has innovated and it has implemented a revolutionary new way of distribution called Prime Now.

Prime Now is a distribution system which helps to shorten the shipment length…from 3-5 days to 1 hour!! This issue raises some questions.

How can it be possible? The fact of having a logistic center in Madrid allows this incredibly reduction of time in the shipment.

How it works? Once the order is done by the costumers, the delivering process begins, from the logistic center to the costumer address, through a fast transport method based on cyclist delivers.

How much it costs? All the orders that have been delivered in one hour only cost 5,9€. For those orders that exceed the two hours, the shipment is free.

How many articles are available using Prime Now system? The costumers could order until 18.000 articles, including products such as frozen and fresh supply.

Is this system available to all subscribers? No, it is only available for premium subscribers.

Where is this system available? By the moment, it is available in Madrid and 21 surrounding cities.


Answered this questions, all we could say is that Prime Now system suggests a huge improvement in big cities distribution. Nevertheless, it remains to be seen how this method works in other cities.