-Marc Puchol-

Hi everyone,

For all those people who do not know Alibaba, we are talking about the largest e-commerce of the world. This distributor appeared in China and now overtakes trade giants like Amazon or Wallmart (USA).

The company that moves more than 40 million orders will land in Spain during the first months of 2017. With this move they pretend to stand up the dominance of Amazon in Europe and publicize its platform.

It is important to mention that many Spanish businesses (Zara, Mango, El Corte Inglés, Springfield) trade and distribute their products in this platform, but this is a step forward to make known Spanish brands to Chinese users.

As we said, Alibaba officially arrives in February with the opening of an office in Madrid. This will help small businesses to trade with China and more over they have reached an agreement with “Correos” for distribution.

Good agreements, a solid structure and clear business strategies. Amazon, should you be afraid?