-Chiara Spampatti-

Explanation of the basic concept of mobile racking system applied by SSI Schaefer company and Warehousing Automation with Mobile Racking Systems from SSI Schaefer.



The continuous adaptation to suit the needs of the customers and the market, an extensive know-how and the growing number of products produced by manufacturers explain the success of this new storage solution.


It mainly focuses on better low distribution trying to improve ease of use.Provided with adjustable distances and light sensors, the first objective is to make the best use of the warehouse. Every shelves are moved using electric motors reaching an efficient warehouse logistics.Furthermore, commands are communicated through remote-control, this prevents of unnecessary one-ways in the warehouse and increases the safety level of the system.

In addition, in case of emergencies the mobile racking system is equipped by floor and ground level light barriers, photoelectric access barriers and acoustic wrong visual warnings.Warehouse workers can use remote-control for opening the selected aisle. Finally, the system enjoyed of automatic enlightenment and of distances control for the creation of quarter picking aisle.

In conclusion, this new system enables to work without stress.

The main innovation is the fact that the management of the plant is carried out by a warehouse control system with the results of maximize efficiency with optimized use of resources combined with flexibility.

Mobile racking system as overall logistical solution

Basic characteristics:

  • Up to 90% saving on racking aisles
  • Link between warehouse management system and data radio transmission
  • Paperless goods handling
  • Efficient utilisation of space plus time savings
  • First-in-first-out possible
  • For pallet, modular and cantilever racking systems

This operating principle enables 9 out of 10 aisles to be done away with, thereby creating new storage space. The total logistical solution achieves significant time savings in the warehouse and with the handling of goods and also facilitates a high level of space optimisation.




Mobile racking saves on working aisles and achieves a high degree of space utilisation. Load units are directly accessible at any time when the required racking aisle is opened. An automatic control of the mobile racking system via interfaces allows operators to do not have to get out of their trucks or operate remote controls to open the desired aisle.


It does not require a great deal of space, as only the open aisle requires the full drive-in aisle width. The racking rows can be controlled locally from the individual rack, remotely from the truck or by the warehouse management system. The trucks are fitted with radio data terminals and scanners. The warehouse management system controls incoming goods, stacking and retrieval as well as order picking, replenishment, order consolidation and dispatch. To do this, it communicates with the truck operators and order pickers via a radio data system which allows for paperless processes.