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8 noviembre, 2016

-Anastasia Gonotskaya-

Proposed exercise:

A company must decide where to locate its new toy store among five neighborhoods in the city. The company has selected five relevant factors and given a weight between 1 and 4 to them. The following table shows these factors and the evaluation that managers have made for each factor and place (más…)


Your Amazon package only needs a minute of human contact

-Sonali Sumaria-

Amazon employees spend about a total of one minute handling the package you order – this will include taking an item off the shelf, then boxing and shipping it. All the rest of the work is done by robots and automated systems. Seguir leyendo “Your Amazon package only needs a minute of human contact”

The latest technology on humanitarian logistics: drones delivering life-saving blood

-María del Mar Vera-

There are some places of the world were the ability to deliver to remote areas life-saving medicine and other health products such as blood is critical. Also, given the fact that blood requires storage and transport at really safe temperatures, many clinics are not able to keep the blood they may need in stock. On top of that, it should also be taken into consideration that blood may be needed in places where, due to bad weather conditions, roads are unavailable, inaccessible or non-existent at all. Rwanda is one example that collects all these characteristics. Seguir leyendo “The latest technology on humanitarian logistics: drones delivering life-saving blood”

Alibaba and the rise of e-commerce come to Spain this 2017

-Marc Puchol-

Hi everyone,

For all those people who do not know Alibaba, we are talking about the largest e-commerce of the world. This distributor appeared in China and now overtakes trade giants like Amazon or Wallmart (USA).

The company that moves more than 40 million orders will land in Spain during the first months of 2017. With this move they pretend to stand up the dominance of Amazon in Europe and publicize its platform. Seguir leyendo “Alibaba and the rise of e-commerce come to Spain this 2017”

Alibaba begins operating in Spain

-Ayoub Belouafi Bakhat-

Hi guys!

I was surfing on internet and I have found a recent article about Alibaba and I want to share it with you.

But first…Do you know what is Alibaba? Let’s talk about it Seguir leyendo “Alibaba begins operating in Spain”

Interviewing Oriol Codina

– Sílvia Plans, Xènia Berrio, Paola Sancho and Esther Sancho-

Oriol Codina Puig is a member of the ANC National Secretariat and the coordinator of the Logistics Committee. He has been the head of the 11S demonstration during the last 2 years and he has also participated in the organization of the previous ones. We decided to contact him since such demonstrations require an important logistics planning and organization that is quite different from the industrial companies’ ones.

We have been pleased to spend an afternoon with him and he has explained us a lot of details about how is like preparing such a mass event. Seguir leyendo “Interviewing Oriol Codina”

Bilstern group moves to PlaZa

-Sandra Maresma-

Bilstern is dedicated in automation components and the German group has decided recently to joint all their warehouses’ activity in Zaragoza. It is going to be possible thanks to an enormous space of more than 27.000 square meters. Seguir leyendo “Bilstern group moves to PlaZa”

Grupo Envases Grau new’s way of transportation

-Anna Lloan-

A new way to transport our products in a pallet…

Envases Grau has developed a patent for its new modular System that provides more resistance to corrugated container packaging and without increasing the cost.

This system provides a great improvement especially in the food sector; in particular the fruit and vegetables, as it will be easier to distribute cartons on pallets and while you reduce costs of handling and logistics. Seguir leyendo “Grupo Envases Grau new’s way of transportation”

Humanitarian logistics: Logistics Cluster

-MªAntònia Ferrer Perelló-

Hurricane Matthew has hit the Caribbean countries for about a month since late september, being one of the most destructive and deadly cyclones in the last decade. Seguir leyendo “Humanitarian logistics: Logistics Cluster

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