-Abel Sánchez-Fortún-

Hello everyone,

I found this article about “Big Data” and as we had a conference regarding this topic I wanted to deepen into it, besides it is a very interesting topic and in my opinion it’s the future of big companies.

Logistic veterans say that in companies sometimes they are not prepared to think big, and claim that new software is giving us great facilities in order to improve large scale efficiency.

The president of the supply chain consultancy INSIGHT has seen a huge change in the way that companies manage their manufacturing, shipping, workforce networks… and also a growth in their knowledge. He also explains though, that sometimes people despise this information

With the actual level of knowledge in mathematics and a better process in data collection these network studies can reduce up to 15% of the supply chain costs. Now consider a 15% reduction in a company that handles millions of dollars…

He tells the story of this one time that a client of a chemical company hired them. The politics of this company wouldn’t let them make changes, because the manufacturing people were too stubborn to accept the fact that another way to organize the products would give them a cost advantage.


Source: http://fortune.com/2015/08/05/big-data-supply-chain/