-Catherine Fitzgerald-

Boston Consulting Group recently released a report explaining how top companies are maximizing their transportation and logistics (T&L). The findings of the report stated that top performing and very successful companiesall understand what factors they need tobe successful as well as the practices that will maximize their profits in the modern market. They also position themselves in a way in which they can capture opportunities from rising trends that are affecting the global economy, like urbanization and globalization. This helps these companies maintain their competitive advantage. If any company does not put in the research to be aware of global trends, then there’s no way they can have a competitive advantage over other companies in their fields because this is a global economy and regardless of if a company actually has business overseas or not, those overseas activities affect the overall economic climate.

Another conclusion of the BCG report was that the most attractive segments in T&L are logistics advisors, courier express and parcels delivery, hinterland terminals, and rail transport outside of Europe. The report also stated that T&L companies need to prepare for the following to capitalize on long-term trends: the rapid development of emerging markets, urbanization, sustainability, infrastructure congestion and scarcity, ecommerce, and digitalization. In my opinion these are all important, but especially ecommerce and digitalization. These two opportunities are a huge way for logistics companies to expand, and to streamline their processes.