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1 noviembre, 2016

-Sandra Maresma-

Proposed exercise:

A company dedicated to produce toys has 4 centers of distribution. (más…)


-Xènia Berrio-

Proposed exercise:

The company ABC wants to expand its logistics network and locate a new warehouse within a network of three existing facilities usin (más…)

Walmart’s partnership with Chinese e-commerce side JD.com

-Catherine Fitzgerald-

This article discusses Walmart’s partnership with Chinese e-commerce side JD.com. There is fierce competition with the widely known e-commerce company Alibaba, which is pretty much the most powerful e-commerce site in China, and other countries. Walmart is doing this to expand its e-commerce presence in China, Seguir leyendo “Walmart’s partnership with Chinese e-commerce side JD.com”

Optimizing Logistics and Transportation

-Catherine Fitzgerald-

Something that this article touches on is that the cost of logistics and transportation is growing, so companies need to be continuously analyzing this cost and optimizing it in terms of their overall business costs. To some extent, logistics and transportation costs are a fixed cost, because you have to send out your goods to certain locations within a certain time. Seguir leyendo “Optimizing Logistics and Transportation”

Boston Consulting Group’s Report on transportation and logistics

-Catherine Fitzgerald-

Boston Consulting Group recently released a report explaining how top companies are maximizing their transportation and logistics (T&L). The findings of the report stated that top performing and very successful companiesall understand what factors they need tobe successful as well as the practices that will maximize their profits in the modern market. The Seguir leyendo “Boston Consulting Group’s Report on transportation and logistics”

-Xènia Grande Soler-

Proposed exercise:

A Hospital has launched an improvement project to increase the satisfaction of their patients. The hospital wants to ensure (más…)

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