-Alicia Chiang-


During the holiday shopping season many retailers expect an increase in the sales of their products, which in the past meant that they had to focus more on operations and ensure availability of the product as well as in-time deliveries. Now as consumers become more demanding and sophisticated, and they expect lower costs, increased control and more options, logistics need to take advantage of technological advances to be able to cater to all the different ways in which consumers what to shop and receive their goods.

Consumers are embracing new ways to shop and logistics companies have to adapt to them. Same-day delivery, click-and-collect options and third-party location pickup are now the most common thing in online shopping.

In a moment when even small retailers need to work with logistics companies and offer many different options to consumers in order perceive the impact of the holiday shopping season, technology may be their very best ally in optimizing delivery locations and methods.

What this means is that a while ago it was necessary to keep track of available inventory of the warehouses but, know it is equally important to have software and algorithms that also help decide which channel that inventory must be shipped in. The process is becoming more complex all year-round as the number of factors and variables that must be taken into account is increasing. In a period like Christmas the need of a digital brain that helps to smooth that process becomes much more evident.

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