-Eloi Castillo-

Flexe is a platform that allows companies (owners) who have extra-space in the warehouse to share it with other companies (tenants), it is facilitating horizontal cooperation between several companies.

The quality that makes Flexe different from other sharing warehouses companies as Cubesmart is that companies are able to rent space by pallet, so also small companies can use the service. In addition, the products that companies put in the warehouse are controlled for the workers of the owner company making that tenant companies don’t need to provide workers to run the warehouse.

Flexe is very useful because can provide extra-space in specific moments while not making necessary to make a high fixed cost, this service can be very productive for companies  as: clothes in the sales period, toys during Christmas, air conditioners  in summer , heaters in winter, costumes for Carnival or Halloween . In addition, it could help to satisfy an unexpected increase in the demand.

Furthermore, it makes possible to small companies to compete with leaders in fast delivery time as Amazon , E-bay or Google  , because these small  companies will be able to have small facilities really near to the customers ,so a reduction in  time deliver will be easier  to achieve than before.

To sum up, Flexe is a valuable tool for companies that need more space in punctual moments without investing a high amount of capital while at the same time reducing delivery time.

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