-Georgina Mínguez Cardús-

This article explains the new logistical methodology implemented by Amazon in Barcelona that entails the distribution of products in less than one hour. The system consists on having a warehouse of 3800 m2 in the center of Barcelona that reduces transportation time and costs as the warehouse is located in Rosselló Street. The system is called Prime Now and it is only available for Premium users and for orders from 19 euros.

For doing so, Amazon has initiated a partnership with local companies such as “Mercabarna” (a wholesaler of fresh food) or “Pastoret de la Segarra” (a yoghurt company) which also reduces internal costs and allows the company to have local products available for customers in just some hours. In the Amazon App, it has been announced that the warehouse would have up to 20000 different products such as fresh food and brewery but also books, sports material and electronic devices and having a local product section specialized in Catalan products.

The company has also subcontracted “Seur” and “Ara Vinc” companies for distribution, which will use electric bikes and vehicles to distribute the products, claiming to be the biggest ecological fleet of Europe.

All in all, this innovative logistic technique positions Amazon in being the fastest distribution company and provides an excellent incentive for choosing them when placing orders from home and proves, once more, that its leadership in the sector is more than justified.