-Diana Margalef-

Cerasis Inc is a logistics service provider of freight management services and transportation management system. At first, the company had just service for those who ship freight in North America, now Cerasis announces that they will offer services to Canada from US, from Canafa to the US, within or intra-canada, as well as those shipping from Mexico to the US.

So why did they decide to extend their services? It is easy, as we have seen in class customers’ expectations are very important once you are providing a service. The company needs to be reliability and responsible and give access, communication, credibility and security. Cerasis Inc knows the importance of all this and they decided to listen to current customers’ needs creating custom logistics solutions.

These new logistics destination have been called in the company “Vested Outsourcing” which is a growing business trend, but listening to their current and potential customers. In this way, when customers announce to the company the new freight destination they have Cerasis, which has an experts in both logistics and logistics technology, tries to find a way to make the transportation viable.

As we said before it is important for a company to give access to information and communication to their customers and as this case is an example on how customers announce their needs and how the company makes possible their requests we have another example of this. Uni-selected, an automative aftermarket distributor, approached Cerasis about four years ago, wanted to keep the freight analysis reporting, streamlined freight reporting, and less time processing freight by having all info, such as carrier option, in one centralized location. Uni-Select needed to support shipments going in and out of Canada, as well as intra-Canada shipments. Cerasis made it possible.

Essentially, Cerasis solutions gave to their customers the ability to keep the same level of service,  visibility, and control over freight spend, without incurring extra costs – a win – and for Cerasis, the company now is able to roll out the same service to other and potential customers who have this same need – also a win. At the heart of “Vested Outsourcing” is creating a win-win situation for the company and the client. This is a great example of a company which gives a good customer service, and we have seen in class how important it is.

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