-Xènia Berrio-

Hello everyone!

Last Friday, reading a Catalan newspaper, I found this new about IKEA which I think it complements very well a post made for one of our classmates and for this reason, I find  interesting to share it with all of you (especially for those who doesn’t understand Catalan).

The new explains that, for the first time, IKEA has opened two ephemeral shops (or what is known as pop-up stores) in the centre of Barcelona and Madrid. In the particular case of Barcelona, the shop is located in the Born neighborhood and it will be opened until next Saturday.

In these shops, the multinational will offer exclusive products which will not be able in any other store of the country.

This opening comes after the launch of the service of Online purchase in Spain (explained in a previous post) and both services have the aim of following the expansion of its multichannel strategies. Apart from the implementation of these new commercial strategies, the company will continue to open traditional shops.

All of this strategies have the main objective of reaching a higher customer service and here, logistics play an important role to be able to satisfy the customers’ requirements. The idea is to make the product of IKEA as available as possible and for this reason, its goal is to achieve that 80% of the Spanish households have a store in less than an hour by car and that 100% of consumers have access to its range of products and services through online shopping.