-Marc Puchol Ponce-

Hi everybody,

I have found an interesting post I share with you about the evolution of a public company that has had to adapt to market trends to survive.

With the rise of e-commerce and home parcel deliveries many companies have had to adapt its structure to meet the demand.

Correos, which initially was dedicated to postal service, has listened to the market and raised strategies based on Big Data and logistics management.

Now, we can talk about this company as an alternative to Seur, Mrw or Fedex.

But, how to compete for being the leader in parcel delivery?

Introducing CorreosPaq

It’s about offering a new service, similar to a post office or mailbox where you can collect your packages (purchases from e-commerce customers) in central locations of major cities. We are talking about train stations, shopping centers or main streets. This service allows customers to pick up the package, if you have selected the “CorreosPaq” delivery option, using only the barcode but with the advantage of having a pick-up schedule 7 days a week. It is a good alternative to eliminate the problem of logistics and times in the last phase of delivery. Also, Big Data helps to efficiently allocate these systems in areas with increased activity.


Source: http://www.elconfidencial.com/empresas/2016-10-19/correos-ecommerce-econommia-colaborativa_1267981/