-Esther Sancho-

Hi everyone,

Some days ago I found an interesting new about IKEA, the famous Swedish chain of furniture, which will be introduced into the e-commerce world in Spain.

IKEA is going to implement the service of online purchase in our country which is nowadays one of its most important markets. Now, IKEA is doing a pilot test in Valencia and Basque Country and in the following months, this pilot test will be extended to more sales points in Spain with the objective to offer this service in all its commercial establishments in December.

As we can see, when IKEA will implement in a generalized way this service, its customer service will be improved by facilitating the processes of purchase and by being more nearby and accessible to a major number of Spanish homes.

The online service offers two different possibilities: you can buy the product online in the webpage and pick it up in the shop (a system called Click & Collect) or you can receive it in your house, with an additional cost of sending which will depend on the price of the product. The majority of articles of IKEA’s catalogue will be able to be bought except some products as perishable goods (natural plants or groceries) and tailor-made products. Once IKEA will receive an order, his employees will activate internally a process of selection, meeting and preparation of the products.

Therefore, companies are increasingly joining to e-commerce by including shop online as a distribution channel with the objective to offer a better service to its customers in order to maintain them and also to be more competitive.