-Paola Sancho-

Hi classmates,

Last week I saw the TV program Enviado Especial “El cerebro del mundo” that was about Silicon Valley.

I found it very interesting and I really recommend you to watch it.

The part that I’ve found most related with the topics we have covered these days is when a group of friends are having dinner and the woman who wears the green sweater says:

“Antes ir de compras era difícil, ahora no salgo nunca, todo viene a mí”

In English: “Before shopping was hard, now I never go out, everything comes to me”

As we can see, people is more often using internet to buy rather than going to the stores. These new trends and habits have implications for businesses.

When the company receives an online order, they have to check the stock to see if there are enough products to fulfil the request, go to the store where they will pick up the products, package them, schedule the delivery and finally send it to the customer’s home.

More, as companies, such as supermarkets, promise to deliver the orders in less than 6 hours, it’s indispensable to have good relationships with suppliers in order to avoid stock outs, and if needed, to have some agreements with transportation companies to fulfil as best as possible with the customer’s requirements.