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Mediaset and its logistic agreement with Asisa

Hi everybody!

Today I found a short but interesting article about a Spanish firm, Mediaset, which has expanded its logistic area, adding to its other recently logistic agreements (with Creu Roja and Nocilla) another one with Asisa insurance.

The team responsible of logistics in Mediaset, Directia, has recently arrived to an agreement with Asisa. This agreement specifies Directia is responsible of the stands installed in Palacio de los Deportes of Madrid during the matches of Movistar Estudiantes in ACB league.

According to this agreement, Directia is responsible of installing the stands as well as to provide and move to Barclaycar Center all Asisa’s promotional material.

Once the matches finish, Directia collects the merchandising, package it and returns it to its warehouse until the next match.

As a result, Directia is going to manage the entire logistical part of the Asisa’s marketing campaign during these matches.

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