-Alba Suances-

Halloween, Black Friday, Christmas… The time of the year in which firms make the largest number of sales is coming.

According to data from the annual survey of E-Commerce and, as we have seen in class, it is irrefutable that the E-commerce sector is having a really good moment nowadays. The reason is that it’s a sector that allows people to buy products without leaving home. In addition, it makes it easier for the buyer the comparison between products. Therefore, consumers can buy goods at a lower cost.

However, the number of firms using online sales is getting higher and higher so, what strategy could a firm use to differentiate from the others? The answer is investing in logistics with the objective to be able to cover all the orders or in a more efficient way than the competitors.

One of the most popular strategies, above all among PYMES, are those related to optimizing distribution and delivery systems since is one of the parts of customer service most valued by users. Firms are trying these days to sell using a “cross platform” system which consists not only in selling by its webpage but also using Amazon or e-Bay, for instance.