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18 octubre, 2016

Roobox, the new initiative of Deliveroo


-Georgina Mínguez-

Deliveroo is one of the most iconic companies of the fast delivery sector but its competitor Uber makes it difficult for them to become the leader.

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Amazon’s fast delivery expansion

-Xènia Grande Soler-

Hello Everyone!

Do you remember what we talked the other day in class about the new service of Amazon? Here you have some references about this topic and a brief summary. Seguir leyendo “Amazon’s fast delivery expansion”

The Boom of E-commerce

-Alba Suances-

Halloween, Black Friday, Christmas… The time of the year in which firms make the largest number of sales is coming. Seguir leyendo “The Boom of E-commerce”

Lyreco’s success

-Judith Colom-

Hello everyone,

I have been surfing the Internet and I found a very interesting article from an online portal in the logistics domain, called “Cadena de suministro”. This article talks about the company Lyreco, a French Company, leader in its sector in Spain, that it’s a supplier of office equipment. Seguir leyendo “Lyreco’s success”

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