-Alicia Chiang-

All big companies that want to have a strong presence in e-commerce know that fast delivery is a key aspect. Inditex is no different and in the same line that Amazon did with Prime Now, they have announced the same day delivery service Super Express for Massimo Dutti.

Inditex started the online commerce in 2007 with Zara Home. Currently, in Spain the products of all their brands but one (Lefties), can be bought on the Internet and the group has online presence in 41 locations worldwide, which are rapidly increasing.

For now, the service will only be available at Massimo Dutti’s online store and for deliveries in Barcelona city and some surrounding areas. The conditions are that the customers have to place their orders before 12pm and then, for 9,95€ they will receive the package before 10pm on that same day. This means that the company has a window of time of 10 hours to do a process that up until now they did in 24 hours for 5,95€ (58% quicker and 67% increase in price).

NOTE: I did not find information about how are they going to do it. I have only been able to find out that the Massimo Dutti warehouse is located in Tordera, Barcelona. So, out of curiosity, I did a quick Google Maps search for the directions from the warehouse to Barcelona (Plaça Catalunya) and the estimated times are between 45 minutes and 1:05 hours by car.