-Mar Vera-

As it is widely known, nowadays E-commerce is growing fast, and with it the logistic channels needed for its proper success. It is because of this reason that many companies work hard in order to be able to deliver their products sooner and better to their clients day by day. The most common way of working for the most of the big companies that offer the service of bringing your products at home is with a delivering period of  one week, or, if they do it very well, 24-72 hours, even though they try their best in order to reduce it as much as they can. With the introduction in the market of the Happy Box Company, this time appears to be reduced, at most, to one hour.
Happy Box presents a huge competitive advantage compared to the big mailing and logistics companies that cannot afford to build and maintain a network channel able to deliver in less than one hour, as Happy Box does.  This firm works with flower shops, libraries, clothes stores, etc. that are placed in the same city where they work, such as Málaga, Seville, Madrid and Barcelona.

It is important to highlight that they manage to bring the deliveries in an average period of 36 minutes, which can be achieved due to the fact that they only accept packages of 5 kg at most, since the deliverers work with bicycles or motorcycles. It is thanks to this innovative working procedure that they have increased their sales exponentially on the last year, and are still expecting to keep increasing as they expand through more Spanish cities, at the same time they are developing an eco-friendly and sustainable logistics system. As every day there are more companies working with this procedure, such as Deliveroo or JustEat do,  a question arises: could these be the future of logistics?