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15 octubre, 2016

How Walmart plans to transform the way US citizens buy groceries

-Nicholas Connell-

Walmart, the famous American superstore, plans to change the way people across the United States shop for groceries. In an article by Sarah Halzack of the Washington Post, we get a glimpse of their plans and reasoning behind a shift in shopping ideology. Seguir leyendo “How Walmart plans to transform the way US citizens buy groceries”


Happy Boxes introduced the “Proximity Logistics” in Spain

-Mar Vera-

As it is widely known, nowadays E-commerce is growing fast, and with it the logistic channels needed for its proper success. It is because of this reason that many companies work hard in order to be able to deliver their products sooner and better to their clients day by day. Seguir leyendo “Happy Boxes introduced the “Proximity Logistics” in Spain”

Same day Express Delivery service for Massimo Dutti

-Alicia Chiang-

All big companies that want to have a strong presence in e-commerce know that fast delivery is a key aspect. Inditex is no different and in the same line that Amazon did with Prime Now, they have announced the same day delivery service Super Express for Massimo Dutti. Seguir leyendo “Same day Express Delivery service for Massimo Dutti”

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