-Rundi-ye Yap Xia-

Media Markt is testing using robots to make home delivery of goods faster and more cost effective.

As a result of increased online purchases, success of E-commerce andexpectations of buyers to obtain the product in the shortest possible time,retailers and logistics firms are facing rising costs, trying to satisfy all these increases.

As we can see today, all departments of a company have been adjusted in some way to the technological changes, with the common purpose of optimizing and meeting certain expectations. That is what is doing Media Markt in the logistics area.

Media Markt (a German chain of stores selling consumer electronics with numerous branches throughout Europe and Asia) tested two robots (six-wheel self-driving robots) in the center of Dusseldorf, developed by Starship.

The robot is small and it is used to deliver packages weighing less than 10 kg within a 5-kilometer radius. For now, they have to be accompanied by a human minder, but in a future, they could be an alternative or complement to deliveries by human couriers.

The most important thing is that the use of these robots will allow reducing costs and time of express deliveries.

Can this be possible? ¿Will other similar companies use the same model?