-Silvia Plans-

Hello everybody!

I was checking the news this morning when I saw this article, which I think fits well with what we talked about yesterday in class (04/10/2016).

Amazon provides an efficient but also a fast service for their customers and that is definitely one of the main reasons for their success.

The American company is going to offer a new, innovative and ecological service in Barcelona which is already running in 5 other European cities (such as Milan, Berlin, Paris, Munich and Madrid).

But wait… There’s more!

Amazon is also going to distribute Catalan products maybe because the marketing directors have realized that there are a large number of people asking for Mediterranean products such as “fuet”.

In conclusion, Amazon wants to distribute its products around the world and it is opening warehouses in the most important cities of each country in order to achieve this goal. It is definitely a company that practices Corporate Social Responsibility and it also analyses the kind of product the consumers want in order to adapt its offer to the new trends and tastes.