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The Danish conglomerate Maersk, which is the market leader in the industry of container shipping transport, was “forced” to leave its energy-related branch. There has been an important slowdown in global trade of energy business because of oil-price reasons and now, Maersk, will (have to) focus its activity in the transport branch.

Maersk, controlling 15% of the total container shipping business, is willing to redirect its main business and taking advantage of the global situation to improve and expand its activity. The conglomerate is now in a threatened position as a market leader because other companies have merged risking its leading role. According to the CEO they plan to pursue some acquisitions in the industry and they strongly believe the activity of the company can be expanded.

The main factor they point out in order to boost its revenues is from improving its inland transportation services at a bigger scale. They admit that some business opportunities have not been taken into account during all the past years but now they think is the moment to leave this growth stagnation taking advantage of the logistics opportunities they will face.